Decentralization movement - The Internet is broken, and we are trying to fix it!

From Zoë Corbyn's 2018 article Decentralisation: the next big step for the world wide web,

"The proponents of the so-called decentralised web – or DWeb – want a new, better web where the entire planet’s population can communicate without having to rely on big companies that amass our data for profit and make it easier for governments to conduct surveillance. "


"The DWeb, say proponents, is about giving people a choice: the same services, but decentralised and not creepy. It promises control and privacy, and things can’t all of a sudden disappear because someone decides they should."

If you didn't understand what he said back in 2018, you probably understand it now. Our existing Internet is broken, and the TEA Project is trying to fix it.

fix the net

The existing cures and remaining problems||||||||||=

There have been so many new projects released recently intent on fixing parts of the broken Internet. These innovations have included:

Each of them fixed specific problems that looked promising for developing fully-featured dApps. However, each of them have unsolved problems making dApps impractical on their platforms.

TEA Project: thinking differently

It is impossible to use a single layer of tools to build a dApp platform. Combining all the latest technologies together, we can probably solve the various problems and fix the Internet. The TEA Project glues them together into a pure dApp platform. You can read more about the fix here: [[How_TEA_Fixes_the_Internet]].