What Are the Main Differences Between Traditional TEE and a Computing Runtime in the TEA Network

Traditional trusted execution environments (TEEs) have the secure enclave in the CPU, which means that only a subset of the program will be executed in the secure enclave.

In the TEA network, we require that a trusted computing node has a secure enclave that has the OS, CPU, Memory and TPM all enclosed in it. This way the execution of the whole program would be inside the enclave.

The picture below shows the differences:

Is Camellia a Good NFT to Own?

The Camellia or CML is an NFT that has a lifespan, which means an NFT would eventually die.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing, because there are some very delicate architectural reasons why this is the case. If a CML never dies, our miners will have no reason to upgrade their nodes because their old ones can still make them money through credit scores. Because CML is designed to die as it grows older, our miners will be incentivized to not be complacent and always seek to upgrade their TEA technology stack.

Also, because CML dies, a healthy circulation of $T is encouraged and there will also be a greater incentive for new farmers to join the economy. Perhaps greater than any other reason, however, is for the sake of decentralization.

Why do blockchains exist in the first place? It is to remove power from the hands of those who traditionally control finance, big banks and financial institutions, and distribute opportunity accordingly. Because CML dies, there will be no chance for institutions and high-networth individuals to monopolize staking slots, because new ones will become available. Therefore, CML has been designed to stay true to the concept of decentralization.

The reward for owning CMLs comes from activating computing nodes that can be used to run tasks for customers. As CMLs are issued through an auction process, a potential buyer can use the data on the TEA blockchain to assess the potential earnings from the lifespan of a new CML, and offer a price that is favorable for the buyer.

Is It Safe to Invest in $T?

Other blockchain projects often generate initial tokens in the genesis block and distribute these to investors and team members. This is not the case with $T. In the TEA Project,  there are frozen CML seeds in the beginning. These seeds are allocated to early investors who are already well aware of the value of owning CML. This means that those who are able to get the initial active mining nodes for $T are early investors because there is a limited supply at this point.

Why is this important? This makes sure that the TEA ecosystem has a very low level of speculation and volatility, which are the greatest threats in the world of blockchains. Several tokens have crashed in value for very archaic reasons like the tweets of Elon Musk. Because our early investors know the intrinsic value of their investment, it is far less likely that they will dump the tokens and they have no reason to do so. The best staking slots are initially occupied by investors with the most conviction . Even if someone does dump, the volume of trading in CML and $T is low enough so that these dumps will not have a significant impact on the price, especially mid- or long-term.

Do I Need a Special Machine to Become a Miner?

The answer, quite interestingly, is no...and yes. Remember, we mentioned earlier that one of the keys to the sustainability and stability of our token is that it is very economical in terms of computing power, so it should not be difficult or expensive to get started with mining.

Also remember, however, that CML is an NFT that eventually would die so you should not be complacent when it comes to the maintenance and improvement of your hardware. As your stake scales, and you are able to make an initial return on investment, you have to be proactive in investing in stronger GPUs and more robust mining infrastructure so that you can continue to scale along with your CML.

To recap, investing in the TEA project presents a lot of opportunities that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Decentralized finance is already taking off at a blistering speed but many new investors are scared to jump in because of the volatility. Not only does the TEA Project give you the chance to get into the world of DeFi and NFTs, but it is a chance for you to do it with minimal risk. Overtime, you will enjoy your investment as you enjoy tea in real life — adorned with the aroma of prosperity.