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Help us beta test our mining wallet and win USDT. The miner who accumulates the most assets during the contest period is the winner.

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Install the Polkadot extension

First install the Polkadot browser extension available for Chrome, Brave, or Firefox. and create a wallet account to interact with the TEA browser wallet. Then create a wallet account to interact with the TEA browser wallet.

Buy CML seeds

You'll can borrow COFFEE funds to buy CML seeds. These are either planted into mining machines to bring them to life or staked to earn mining revenue. For more information on how to mine with CML seeds, visit Fill our wiki .

Now you're ready to earn TEA revenue

Contestants earn TEA revenue by mining, hosting TApps, and investing in TApp tokens using the TEA Project wallet .Visit our Telegram for the latest contest start time.

Keep up With the Latest Rules

Important announcements like rules and start times will be announced in our our social communities. Join our Telegram and WeChat groups to participate in the competition and stay on top of new developments.

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Do I earn real rewards during the contest?

This is a mining simulation, so although the tokens you generate aren't real, the cash USDT prizes at the end of each round are. The simulated TEA tokens you generate while mining will be tallied up to determine the winner at the end of each epoch.

What's the difference between mining and staking?

Staking assets into a mining machine is another way of earning TEA tokens. You can stake either 1000 TEA or 1 CML per staking slot, with earlier staking slots earning comparatively more in return. You may stake assets in either your own or someone else's mining machine.

Can you summarize what the CML token is, and how it's different from the TEA token.

The TEA token is what's harvested from mining, while the CML token needs to be planted into a mining machine for it to start mining. The TEA token is a utility token and can be used to purchase many things on the TEA network. The CML token is an NFT that has a definitive lifespan.

What kind of rewards are given at the end of each epoch? And how long is an epoch?

The USDT reward amount for each epoch will depend upon the number of participants. Each epoch lasts approximately 2 weeks.