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Elevating Decentralized Cloud Computing to a T


Data Workflow

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TEA Project

The Full Speed Decentralization Layer for Web3

Combining the best of blockchain and cloud computing

Decentralized Cloud


Hosts rich, yet fully Decentralized Apps

Hosts Rich, yet Fully
Decentralized Apps

2 Layer Web3 Tech Stack

2 Layer Web3
Tech Stack

Trusted Computation Environment

Trusted Computation

What’s the Problem with Existing Blockchains?

icon-Speed Existing blockchains are decentralized but slow

icon-download Cloud computing is centralized and untrustable

icon-app.png Traditional dApps still require a host and aren't truly decentralized

How Are We Fixing This?

Three Roots of Trust

Blockchain, hardware (trusted TPM chips) and time (GPS satellites) work together to achieve strong consistency while speeding past the scaling limitations of BFT algorithms.

Dual Token System

TEA token is a stable utility token pegged with computation resources; while the Camellia token is an NFT that presents the credit and capability of a TEA mining node.

Bonding Curve

Developers can issue project tokens to fund their TApp development. A project token holds investment value and is also used for dividend distribution.

The Players in Our Ecosystem


Obtain CML from auction by burning TEA (a utility token pegged to computing resources).

"Plant" CML to mining hardware equipped with trusted computing chips and a GPS module that provides an accurate time source from GPS satellites.

Mining machines host Web3 applications and are rewarded in TEA tokens based on the app's consumed computing resources.


(Three-tier Architecture for App Developers)

Build apps using the TEA dev framework (similar to existing cloud applications, but without a host).

The apps are uploaded to the TEA app market hosted by miners.

App revenue goes directly to a bonding curve shared by app developers, hosting miners, and investors.


Consumers can invest in TApps through its bonding curve and promote them on social media.

As more people purchase the token, the price increases.

Consumers exchange ETH to buy TEA to grow the TEA economy.

Investors invest TEA in CML or TApps by buying their bonding curve token.